Commercial Painters

Sydney Commercial Painters


As a professional painting company, our commercial painters have painted a large variety of commercial buildings and industrial complexes.

Having established lasting working relationships with commercial clients, our comprehensive product knowledge and hands-on experience ensures that we can complete any commercial painting project, while meeting the highest quality standards.

At SLN Painting we can work after hours, during weekends, and holiday periods to paint your commercial building when it is less disruptive to a working environment. Our team is experienced in working under tight deadlines, and odd hours while maintaining a quality finish.

We understand different paint systems that are needed whilst painting your commercial property from using low voc paints, epoxy paint systems or even medical grade paint that is required to be cleaned with harsh chemicals.

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Types of Commercial Painters Jobs

  • Office
  • Strata Buildings and Complexes
  • Executive Suites
  • Board Rooms
  • Suites
  • Reception
  • Boardroom

We also offer the following Painting Services:


The costs associated with your painting project/s can be vary, depending on a number of factors. This can be due to the properties condition and how much detail is involved. We will give you a cost estimate without seeing the actual job by using our contact form and uploading pictures to get an understanding of the job at hand. It is important to note that an estimate and a site visit is normally required to give an accurate quote.

We always use and recommend Dulux paints, however if you prefer us use another brand, we are more than happy to accommodate.

We will be in contact with a start date if this hasn’t been discussed during the quote. If we are painting internally while the property is occupied this is completely different to painting an empty house. We don’t want to disrupt the occupants in the house so we will organise where possible to isolate to sections of the property to minimise any inconvenience to yourself.

This can be quite a difficult task for some with thousands of colours to choose from. If your not sure on what colours to use we can either offer you a colour consult from Dulux, or we can put samples up for you to look at prior to starting. In any case we have options available to ensure you pick the right colour with confidence.

Some of our Commercial Painters Projects