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Apart from enhancing your homes Street appeal by resurfacing your roof, you are protecting your home from potential water damage by keeping your roof watertight. Whether your roof is Colourbond or corrugated iron, the surface becomes powdery braking down the original coating exposing the surface of the roof which can lead to rust and permanently damaging your roof sheets. Having your roof repainted will significantly reduce the cost of replacing your roof.


With stone or terracotta tiles they eventually become brittle and can break easily once the lose their surface coating allowing dirt and other contaminants to penetrate into the tiles. Pressure washing usually takes longer than a metal roof once this happens, but the same as a metal roof repainting your tiled roof will be a fraction of a cost of replacing.

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Some of our Roof painting jobs we service include.

  • Tile Roofs.
  • Aluminium Roofs.
  • Steel Roofs.
  • Colourbond Roofs.

We also offer the following Painting Services:


The costs associated with your painting project/s can be vary, depending on a number of factors. This can be due to the properties condition and how much detail is involved. We will give you a cost estimate without seeing the actual job by using our contact form and uploading pictures to get an understanding of the job at hand. It is important to note that an estimate and a site visit is normally required to give an accurate quote.

We always use and recommend Dulux paints, however if you prefer us use another brand, we are more than happy to accommodate.

We will be in contact with a start date if this hasn’t been discussed during the quote. If we are painting internally while the property is occupied this is completely different to painting an empty house. We don’t want to disrupt the occupants in the house so we will organise where possible to isolate to sections of the property to minimise any inconvenience to yourself.

This can be quite a difficult task for some with thousands of colours to choose from. If your not sure on what colours to use we can either offer you a colour consult from Dulux, or we can put samples up for you to look at prior to starting. In any case we have options available to ensure you pick the right colour with confidence.

Some of our Roof Painters Projects